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FOX Business
Jan 9, 2013 6:00pm EST
think the answer is simple. we don't have a fight or a crisis over the debt ceiling. we have a fight in crisis overspending that causes debt. if the spending or cut and there was an agreement but place on the way to rein in explosive and -- entitlement spending and brought the debt under control, no one would even mention the debt ceiling. the key will be to focus on the real problem, which is the debt. acknowledge solution for anyone not living in budgetary fantasyland. make some progress on that. gerri: at think it's budget fantasyland for us. well, the senate has not backed the budget in 1,351 days, gretchen. come on. we are going to -- our debt is going to get downgraded by standard and poor's and moody's and everyone else, and we will have a sell-off of 2,000 points in the stock market, right? >> you're right. on top of not having a budget, we have also had $5 trillion worth -- five years worth of trillion dollar deficits which is what we are heading toward. the four past years, and the cbo coming out saying we're headed into our fifth. gerri: unbelievable. tyler, to you. a poll shows americans have a higher opinion of cockroaches then they do congress. [laughter] gerri: i mean, t
Jan 9, 2013 4:00am EST
of risks, chad, including what happens with the debt ceiling negotiations. if we could just get specific here, where are some of the places you think investors can kind of ride out some of the volatility? >> you know, so we're looking at technology stocks because they're very, very cheap at this point in time, as well as consumer discretionary on the big mega cap stocks. so for instance, walmart, very good company. blue chip company, growing profitable, well capitalized, has a rising dividend of roughly 20% over the last five years. you also want to look for technology companies. you know, the technology stocks are ridiculously cheap. apple, $525 price. they have $125 of cash their balance sheet per share. and you know, they're earning probably about ten times this year's earnings. cisco, for example, 12 times next year's earnings. >> okay. >> over 2012. these are all very cheap companies, good quality companies. they should be able to ride out turbulent times. and also get some upside if we hit that price target of 15.50 on the s&p. >> chad morganlander, we'll have you back to follow the year as it progresses. thank you very
Jan 9, 2013 4:00am PST
. >> the issue right now and the conversation has been the debt ceiling, which we are about to smack up against. the doom and gloom reporter every morning about the debt ceiling. so spending and debt ceiling to a large degree, while they are connected, they are different conversations. debt ceiling, we have spent that money. that a difficult from verizon that has come due you have to pay. >> you are borrowing more money to spend in the future. we are borrowing money to pay off past debts. no. if we weren't doing more deficit spending, we wouldn't have to borrow more money. the debt ceiling, last one could you say, the debate was messy. we didn't get a downgrade because the results of that debate didn't solve the problem. president obama, after he got his tax increase, the tax part of his balanced approach, when he came out and said, okay, now, the debt ceiling is off the table, not going to negotiate it -- >> because it's spent, right? $16 trillion national debt. that's money that has been committed by congress. it's been committed by the very people who will fight over whether we sh
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3